If a woman asks . . .

Due to illnesses that have kept my cognitive abilities on a low simmer and disabled my writing and social interactions for several months, I started playing with pictures on Pinterest as a means of seeing, feeling, and connecting with the world and people around me. Multiple files on my hard drive are overflowing with a wide variety of captivating photos and memes, most of which I still need to transfer to Pinterest and stop hoarding them for myself! Though I couldn’t reach out very well in thought and words, I was able to at times ease my mind with interesting beauty and amuse my spirit with wonder. Then too, there are ones that just bring smiles, such as the one I’m sharing with you today.

Pinterest sends notifications to me of what others have pinned from my sites. To my surprise, the following “meme” has been pinned several times almost everyday for months now, by men and women alike! I have to smile! I shake my head and ask, “Why is this one so popular?”



About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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2 Responses to If a woman asks . . .

  1. Dan says:

    So true…

  2. danniehill says:

    If it weren’t for women’s intelligence where would men be!

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