Soul Mates


“I love you, I always have. I will love you for all eternity,” his deep voice throbs with barely contained passion. “You are my soul mate and I am yours.”

Veero’s chest is tight and filled with warmth that seems to flare throughout her whole body as he speaks. Her breaths come in soft, short puffs through her open, dry mouth as the tip of her tongue moves to slowly moisten her lips. His face is so close. She can almost feel his breath upon her and his eyes seem to penetrate into the very depths of her being. She lifts a trembling hand to brush the tears from her cheek and takes a deeper breath.

The picture before her shifts and pulls back to show the man who was speaking, gently lower his head to rest against the forehead of the beautiful woman in his arms. Their eyes lock and slowly close as they kiss and melt to embrace as one. The camera pans out as their silhouette becomes encompassed by a glorious, golden nimbus. The scene fades to darkness.

Veero snaps her fingers to turn the vid off. Releasing a long, heartfelt sigh, she shivers then smiles as the lights in the room brighten.

“Oh, to know such love as that!” she thinks wistfully to herself and softly brushes the tears from her face again. “Whew!”

Gracefully unfolding her lithesome body from her chair, she stands to walk into the kitchen to the replicator to ask for light coffee, hot and sweet. Her request quickly appears on the counter before her. She picks up the mug and cupping it in both hands, gently blows across the surface of the caramel colored liquid contained within and takes a sip. A contented sigh escapes her as she returns to her comfortable chair. She swivels the seat and waves her arm at the wall beside her. It quickly becomes transparent to the world beyond her home. Snuggling into the soft cushions, she slowly sips her drink as she replays in her mind the highlights of the movie she had just watched.


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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