Tasty Crumbs

RevelationThough there are a few adventures and surprises yet to come in the last of my series of excerpts from Dagon’s Blood, I am placing them on hold as I take you, the readers, through the rabbit hole. Remember, it only took a bunny to draw Alice into Wonderland!

I will be offering tidbits of Dagon’s Blood here instead, a trail of breadcrumbs to be followed, so to speak. The method and challenge – open this epic tale to almost any random page of this romantic adventure and I promise that I will pique your interest with a phrase or a paragraph that has been carefully crafted throughout to entice and draw you into this world of love and danger. The world of Dagon’s Blood is guaranteed to capture your heart and imagination as you journey to another place and time! Can you stop with just one tasty crumb? I will post an update here every day with a new crumb to follow. Do you dare to take the challenge?

There are 600 pages to choose from. This is no short romp which you read in one sitting and then go on with your life. Enjoy the feast for it is a meal that will satisfy you! The characters are so well developed that you will make new friends and family here, even find ones that you will love to hate. Join in the adventure with them as they travel from Scotland to the Mediterranean and on to Crete and Constantinople. Meet Scottish Lairds, soldiers and pirates, slavers and killers, thieves and innocents. Which of the men grab your heart? What is so captivating about Leigha? Who will you identify with? Discover the secret of why I named this ~ “Dagon’s Blood.”

April 4, 2013 – page 59 – Robert

A sharp, piercing scream disrupted the quiet night and awakened Robert from his restless sleep. Sitting up in his bed, he was confused for a moment as to where the sound had come from until he remembered that Leigha was here and was sleeping in a room just down the hall from his. The scream must have come from her, for they were the only occupants of the third floor. Jumping from his bed, he lit a small lantern and left his room, Leigha’s blood-chilling screams echoing about him as he ran down the hall. Her last scream was just fading as he rushed into her chambers and went quickly over to the side of the bed. Setting his lantern down on the nightstand, he took her into his arms to try to comfort her and to stop the racking sobs that shook her tender frame. Not knowing what else he could do, he wrapped his strong arms about her and held her tightly, rocking and cooing gently, softly, until at last, her tears subsided.

April 5, 2013 – page 126 – Clairemont’s Keep

Richard ran to Jesep’s side and saw several soldiers moving about the grounds. Some were mounted and, with great ropes tied to strategic places about the mansion, were pushing their horses hard to pull down the great stones of the structure even as the torches within accomplished their destructive game. As the crashing and crackling of the death throes of the manse reached him, he saw the soldiers that were firing the place, come running out as the house roared with the quickly climbing flames. Richard stood in stunned silence as he watched the atrocity, the screams of the servants who were trapped in the inferno, echoed horribly in his ears. Before he could stir himself, Jesep mounted a horse and was charging out of the stables.

“They be killin’ the people in the hoose!” he screamed as he swept past Richard. “I mist ge’ the poor souls oot!”

“Wait!” Richard shouted after Jesep’s retreating back as the old man spurred his horse towards the laughing soldiers, “Ye’ll ge’ yerself killed!”

April 6, 2013 – page 252 – Simon

The nights brought the sharp physical agony of his longing and mixed this with the torment of his soul. He often waited until long after the camp was sound asleep before finding some comfort in holding Leigha’s sleeping body close against his until dawn. Quietly leaving her side before she could awaken, he would busy himself with preparations for the day and once again set in place his facade of stony indifference.

April 7, 2013 – page 370 – Turk

“Well?!” he growled over his shoulder.

“Well what?” Leigha snapped.

“Dry my back!” he ordered, not bothering to turn to her to make her obey him. “‘Tis the least you can do for me since I have taken this bath for you!”

“For me? I thought you had decided you would rather be a man than like an animal, though I cannot see how a mere bath could possibly cleanse the animal from within you!”

“I am a man, damnit all, woman!” he snarled, whirling around to face her, his features contorted with rage.

“Do not speak such lies to me for my body still shows the ravagings of a beast upon it!”

April 8, 2013 – page 460 – Stephen’s Treacherous Greed

“Oh, I hope that he is all right!” Leigha said with tears in her eyes, her fear and tension clear upon her face.

“I’m certain that he is,” Simon lied to comfort her, drawing her close against him for a moment before releasing her with an encouraging smile and turning to follow Charles down to Stephen’s cabin. Catching up to his father, he stopped him for a moment to speak with a heavy heart. “I pray that Stephen hasn’t harmed Robert as I suspect, but I’m afraid that he has. I’ve seen him looking at the amulet, and if there is one thing that rules his life, it is his greed!”


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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2 Responses to Tasty Crumbs

  1. Dan says:

    Open the book to any page and you will be amazed at the depth of the characters, historical accuracy, and a beautiful canvas painted with words. Thank you Virginia for such a masterpiece!

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