Find your courage to grow strong in the broken places. Remember, you are not
alone unless you choose to be. Get into action. Get up and dust yourself off. Find an outlet and get plugged back in. Gather your support. Make a gratitude list to change your attitude. A better attitude increases your altitude. Help others.

Move forward again and . . . Enjoy the journey!


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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3 Responses to Courage

  1. serenitywriter says:

    I’ve bee considering these things for a while now, okay, ages, and I think the heart of that quote is in the idea of someone who is never broken, someone who has defenses to protect against the very idea of being broken, hurt, that they are not really living, touching, feeling. How can anyone feel the touch of love with armor on? Or from behind a wall? Thank you for posting this, everyone, from all aspects of this, need the encouragement to love.

  2. Dan says:

    Struggling I raise my head and look; I see myself. Amazingly I raise myself and move forward in life…

  3. Dannie Hill says:

    Words of truth that hit close to my home place. There can be no wonder and fulfillment without suffering and failure. Beautiful post, Virginia

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