“Leigha, may I come in?” Turk asked as he opened the cabin door to be certain that he had the right room.

     Leigha turned from her pillows to see him, her face streaked with tears as she beckoned him to her side.

     “Oh Turk, why has all of this happened?” she cried as he came and took her into his arms to rock her as if she were a child. “Why?”

     “Allah has reasons for everything that happens to us,” he murmured softly against her hair. “It is not for us to try to understand all that he does, we just have to do what we can and pray that he shows mercy when it is needed.”

     “I need God’s mercy now!” she sobbed against his shoulder. “I don’t know if I can bear much more!”

     “You are strong, and all will turn out well for you, I’m certain. You are too beautiful, too good, for it not to.”

     “I pray that you are right. Robert will probably die, and because of that, I have to destroy Simon’s heart! It makes no sense! Why must it be this way?”

     “You don’t have to stay with Robert,” Turk disagreed, lifting her face in his hands as he spoke, “I will take you and Simon wherever you wish to go from here. I love you Leigha, but even I know, as Robert must, that you belong with Simon.”

     “But Robert is in no shape to understand that, and I am the only one that can make his last days happy ones if I remain with him!”

     “Don’t you think that if he knew of the sacrifice you are making for him that it would strike him even deeper than he would be if you left him? If he loves you as much as everyone says, he would not wish to break your heart in that way.”

     “I . . . I just don’t know, Turk, I just don’t know!”

     “Hush now, little tiger. You just relax against me, and I will comfort you. There is no need for you to battle with this right now,” he spoke softly, stroking her back as he began rocking her again. “Think of the babe, think of pleasant thoughts like the sea breeze against your face or the gulls diving through the sky, even the gentle splash of break waves against the ship at sea. Relax, rest your eyes, and we will work on your problem later. No need to be upset now. Relax.”

     Turk continued to rock and pet Leigha, murmuring to her softly, gently trying to comfort her as his mother had done for him when he was a child. Soon, her eyes grew heavy, and she slept curled up on his lap as he sat with her on her bed. His own tears fell soundlessly as he felt her agony and her grief. He lifted his eyes and prayed silently to Allah to take this heavy burden from Leigha’s heart and to guide her and give her strength to travel through whatever life Allah had fated for her. Resting his head against hers, he closed his eyes, relieved that he had managed to soothe Leigha’s pain even if only temporarily and that she now breathed deeply in quiet slumber.

 Virginia Lee ~ Dagon’s Blood (pp. 488-489) Kindle Edition


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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4 Responses to Mercy

  1. Tom Poet says:

    A nice piece of writing Virginia. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dan says:

    Well written! I get a tear in my eye everytime I read this part. What an epic story you have created.

  3. danniehill says:

    Dagon’s Blood is so enjoyable! Great writing, dear one!

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