Short Clips

 Leigha ~                                                                                                                                           

    “There will be more said!” she hissed at him as she jumped clear of the bed and his reaching arms. “You say that I am Lady Leigha Clairemont, Lady Clairemont of what? By your own admission, all of this now belongs to the king!” Her voice trembled in anger as she stalked away from the man. “Clairemont’s Keep is no more! At this very moment, your men are looting everything in sight! Is this what your king ordered you to do? Is it not enough that you have killed my father and imprisoned our men? Now you seek to take from me my virginity as well as the kind of life that I have always known! This is too much and I will be heard!” ~ Dagon’s Blood – Kindle 3%, pp. 21-22

Robert ~                                                                                                                                           

     “Please, let me speak first, Leigha,” Robert said as he touched her chin and raised it so she had to look into his dark hazel eyes. “I want to tell you why I left here so suddenly the day of our picnic. I wasn’t angry with you. You hadn’t done anything but be the sweet, beautiful woman that you are. Hush.” His voice was husky as he pressed a finger to her lips to keep her from speaking. “I left because I was afraid, afraid of facing you when you discovered who killed your mother. Oh Leigha,” he pleaded, his eyes heavy with moist tears, “will you ever be able to forgive me for what I’ve done?” ~ Dagon’s Blood – Kindle 17%, pp. 104-105

Simon ~                                                                                                                                             

     “One day we will have all the time in the world together, little one,” he said softly as she retreated out of hearing from him. “Then you will discover who the master really is. It’s not that young gallant you run to so swiftly now, but I!” he said, his voice deep and heavy, his face serious, showing for a moment his true fire behind the mask he wore. “This was fated to be the day I set eyes upon you!” ~ Dagon’s Blood – Kindle 26%, pp. 157


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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2 Responses to Short Clips

  1. Dan says:

    Great writing. Fantastic story!

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