Meet the Supporting Characters of Dagon’s Blood

I have written of Leigha and of the leading men who love her.

I wish now to introduce you to a few of the others who live within the world of “Dagon’s Blood.”

Lady Emily ~ Wife of Lord Charles Dagon and the mother of Robert Dagon. She is regal in bearing and elegant in all her ways. There is an intelligence that graces her soft heart and when necessary, she has sharp steel behind her genteel words. With an endearing flaw of answering questions she has just asked, she often brings a smile to the reader though others may be irritated. She is fiercely loyal to her home and family.

Sir Gordon Carpenter ~ Robert Dagon’s best friend who enjoys life to the fullest with great wit and humor.  A large man with a true heart, he is a friend who can be relied upon. Despite his red hair, he is even-tempered and his ability to bring smiles lightens any situation. This talent is truly tested as he journeys with the Dagons in their quest to find Leigha.  

Jesep MacFee ~ He was Lord Clairemont’s man and is trusted and valued by Lord Dagon. He has known Leigha all of her young life and often takes on the role as that of a loving grandfather to her. He taught her the skills of fine horsemanship. Though small and wiry, he is fiery tempered and as tough as they come. Beneath his gruff exterior, he has a warm and loving heart. He journeys with the Dagons to find their Leigha. He is in love with the Dagon’s housekeeper, Kirstie MacHew.

Kirstie MacHew ~ The housekeeper of Dagonmoor, the Dagon family’s great mansion. She is respected and loved by all. She is treated as a member of the family. A rotund, older woman, she loyally runs the household with a will of iron and a heart of gold.

Camille Trent ~ She believes that she loves Robert. Her selfish nature is too shallow to love any but herself and this spoils her beauty. She conspires with Simon in his successful effort to kidnap Leigha away from Robert, thinking she would then have him to herself. This will never happen despite her best efforts, for Robert loves only Leigha.

Adam ~ A gentle giant of a man, slow of wit with the innocence of a child. He is happiest when alone with animals. They don’t treat him as unkindly as humans do. He is loyal to Simon who rescued him from being hung for crimes he did not, would not have committed. Leigha’s caring heart draws him to her and he becomes her steadfast friend as well. When the pirates attack, he suffers more wounds in defense of her than any man could live through. He kills many of the savages and still he stands.

Kashim ~ He is a slave trader, the one who instigated the capture of Leigh with plans on selling her to the Sultan for a fortune beyond his wildest dreams. A cruel and greedy man, he is angered by Turk’s claim on the woman and refuses to relinquish his rights to her as Turk demands.

Enjoy the journey of DAGON’S BLOOD

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About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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7 Responses to Meet the Supporting Characters of Dagon’s Blood

  1. danniehill says:

    Virginia. You do a wonderful job of creating a world many of us would like to live in and get to know the great people of Dagon’s Blood!

  2. A great group of side characters! I love all the picture choices too!!!

  3. Dan says:

    Virginia, what a great cast. The pictures are just as I imagined them. What a great book!

  4. dagonsblood says:

    I tried to find pics that would reflect my own inner sight of these people that live in my mind and in the pages of Dagon’s Blood!

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