Dagon’s Blood ~ An Epic Tale of Love, Passion, and High Adventure!

“Excitement and intrigue abound in this book. It’s filled with drama, suspense, romance and more action than the pages can contain. Diabolical schemes of epic proportions entertain and delight you with mind blowing twists and turns through a labyrinth of plots. You won’t be able to catch your breath nor put it down, this book draws you in from the beginning and keeps you hooked until the end.” *

Beginning note: For the added pleasure of a Scottish touch, listen to Jethro Tull’s ~ “Warm Sporran” http://tinyurl.com/cvmr7wu as you read this. I did, many times, as I wrote this wonderful story! ~ Virginia Lee

The Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 Scotland casts its great shadow over the land, irrevocably changing the course of Lady Leigha Clairemont’s sheltered young life when her home is attacked and her father, a known Jacobite , is killed by the invading English soldiers. 

Taken captive by the commander, Captain Simon Montieth, she escapes and leaves the man for dead, a man who will not stay down!

Thus begins her journey that takes her from war torn Scotland into the Mediterranean where she is captured by pirates to be sold at the slave markets of Constantinople.

Leigha’s heart is tossed and torn between the love and desires of three men.

 Despite the adversities and heartbreaks, she overcomes the winds of fate and the wills of men, maturing from her innocent youth into a courageous, beautiful woman who stands free and strong at last.

Journey with Leigha as “Dagon’s Blood” weaves through the rough seas of her heart. Get to know her and the men who love her. Discover the mystery of Dagon’s Blood, the hidden secret that affects the lives of all! Shhh…. This is one spoiler I will not give away!


Lady Leigha Clairemont ~ Passionate and intelligent beauty!

Leigha is beautiful, spirited, and intelligent; a dynamic combination that sets men’s hearts afire! Lost in her innocence of the times, life awakens her to her inner strengths and she boldly sets her own course!

With . . .

Captain Simon Montieth ~ Seasoned Warrior

Simon Monteith, a heart hardened warrior who trembles at Leigha’s touch upon his soul. He deserts the king’s army to find her, posing as his twin brother to gain access to her friendship. With his mind so set on vengeance, he is unaware until it’s too late, that his heart has other plans!

Robert Dagon ~ Psychic Son of a Scottish Laird

Robert Dagon, son of Scottish Laird Charles Dagon, lost his heart to Leigha when they were children. He has “visions” which foretell of her capture by pirates; and of his death. He discovers that alcohol will block his painful fears and becomes a prisoner to his need of it as he races against time to find her!

Turk ~ Cutthroat Pirate

Turk, a pirate captain, partners with slave traders to capture Leigha from Simon, knowing that her beauty would bring them a great fortune from the sultan. Once he has her, he becomes so captivated himself by her spirited beauty that he will not sell her!

Lord Charles Dagon ~ Wise Patriarch

Lord Charles Dagon is a man of many strengths and wisdom. The well being of his family is paramount to him. His compassion and intelligence enables him to see what others do not. He carries hidden within his heart the secret of his own personal tragedy which will affect the lives of all if discovered.

Stephen ~ Simon’s Evil Twin

Sir Stephen Montieth disguises himself as a fine gentleman, yet his soul is twisted by selfish greed and a sinister evil that is never satisfied.  He will go to any lengths to get what he wants, including murder. He joins with the Dagons in their pursuit of Simon and Leigha, fully intent on obtaining the treasured amulet that Robert carries and in seeing his brother dead. He wants it all!

With the additional support of a diverse and interesting cast and crew, you will be enchanted and captivated by this wondrous tale that will evoke your deepest emotions!

Rated R ~ Warning – contains some violence and explicit sexual content.

*One of the 12 Five Star Reviews of Dagon’s Blood posted on Amazon ~ http://amzn.to/xYy0gL


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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2 Responses to Dagon’s Blood ~ An Epic Tale of Love, Passion, and High Adventure!

  1. Dan says:

    What an amazing epic! I paitently wait for more wonderful stories from author Virginia Lee

  2. danniehill says:

    I loved, Dagon’s Blood. The beauty of the words and story stay with me. Great presentation, Virginia!

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