Busted! Battle of the Twins!

     “I say that you tried to kill Robert or at least hired someone to do your dirty work for you, which is more like it!” Simon stormed at the sneering Stephen.

     “Robert is my friend, everyone knows that!” Stephen hissed. “Why would I want to harm him? It is you that wishes him dead so that you can have Leigha!”

     “You have no real friends, Stephen. You are incapable of such things!” Simon growled, trying hard to keep himself from his brother’s throat. “You wanted the amulet and that is why you have done this terrible thing!”

     “Try and prove it!” Stephen challenged him.

     Unable to contain his anger any longer, Simon smashed his fist into Stephen’s face, sending him reeling backwards in surprise. Stumbling, Stephen fell to the floor and then rolled quickly away to avoid Simon’s driving heel before it could slam into him. Reaching up, he grabbed Simon’s leg and yanked it hard, causing him to fall off balance and plunge against the cabin wall with a loud crunch. Getting up, Stephen dove headlong at his brother, his face purple with exertion and rage as the pair rolled about the small room, striking hard at each other in the battle that they both had known would someday come.

     Leigha came to the open doorway and stopped, gasping in fear as she saw the pair thrashing about and crashing into everything in their path. Neither of the men saw or heard her as they remained locked in each other’s arms, struggling with all their strength to best the other. Fists were flying and clothing torn as the battle raged on, causing the amulet to be torn loose from Stephen’s pocket and slide across the floor, out of anyone’s reach. Finally able to get to his feet, Simon dragged his brother up with him and slammed his fist into his stomach, causing Stephen to double over in pain. Bringing his knee up sharply, he cracked it into Stephen’s face, sending him reeling to sprawl helplessly upon his bed. Looking about quickly, Simon spotted the amulet and ran to fetch it as Stephen shook his head, trying to clear the haze that numbed his thoughts. Seeing Simon bending down for the amulet, he reached under his pillow and came out with the loaded pistol that he had hidden there, intent on stopping him. Leigha cried out in warning but was too late as Stephen took aim. Smiling insanely, he fired it as Simon turned in surprise with the amulet dangling from his fingers. The force of the bullet ripped into his chest and sent him spinning backwards, his head cracking against the side of the small table as he landed. Getting up slowly, Stephen went to peer down at his unconscious brother, prodding him roughly with his foot to be certain that he was out. He smiled as he saw the rivers of blood pouring from Simon’s wound with every heartbeat. His hatred was now satisfied as he grabbed the amulet and held it high in the air.

     “I have finally beaten you for good, Simon! You will bleed to death before long if no one stops the flow of your life from your veins and that I surely will not do!” He laughed evilly as he danced about the wrecked cabin. “Yes, I have the amulet, and I’ll have everyone’s precious Leigha now as well! They are mine, for I will set sail for England immediately and leave the others far behind!”

     “No!” Leigha screamed, raising her hands and running into the room. His revelry stopped and he turned to look at her in surprise as she yelled again, “No, you cannot do this thing! I won’t let you!”               

Virginia Lee ~ Dagon’s Blood ~ Kindle, Nook, Hard cover, Trade paperback available http://amzn.to/xYy0gL


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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2 Responses to Busted! Battle of the Twins!

  1. fuonlyknew says:

    Just reading this got me excited. Finally finished rereading and now putting notes together and adding to them for the rereview! Wanted to let you know I mentioned you on my blog today:)

  2. Dan says:

    What a powerful scene! Excellent writing combined with a wonderful story makes for great reading.

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