Fight to the Death!

     Turk had to stoop to reenter Kashim’s room through the broken door. Turning, he was surprised to see Abdul and Abedin standing to the side of the room while Kashim, now dressed, sat on the smoothed-over bunk. Ignoring the pair of despised creatures, Turk set the trunk down in the middle of the room and turned to Kashim.

     “Is this your treasure, Turk?” Kashim sneered at the great trunk on the floor. “Why, I am certain that the sultan will pay twice as much as this to add that woman to his harem!”

     “You have not even looked to see what the chest holds.” Turk smiled at his friend, certain that Kashim would appreciate the price he could get now as he bent to open the lid of the trunk.

     Abdul and Abedin drew sharp, whistling breaths at the sight of its contents and then slowly came closer to peer at the treasure that lay at their feet.

     “It is impressive,” Kashim spoke blandly. “Where did you acquire all of this?”

     “I have traveled the sea for many years as you well know, Kashim, and have always kept the best aside from each venture and have stored it all in my cabin. There is more than enough there to pay for the woman.”

     “This is much more than we were hoping for!” Abdul said excitedly, bending down to touch some of the heap of jewels and coins.

     “It’s indeed more than enough!” Abedin giggled as he too scooped up a handful and held the sparkling brilliance to the light.

     “I say that it’s not!” Kashim snarled. Kicking the two men aside, he turned and glared at Turk as he spoke, “It is a pittance against what we will get from the sultan.”

     “You will take this or be thrown to the sharks and have nothing!” Turk growled, his face dark and ugly, frightening both Abdul and Abedin with his fierceness but only angering Kashim all the more who quickly reached for his sword against the unarmed captain as Turk came towards him and said, “This is my ship Kashim, and no matter what the outcome, you will surely die!”

     “Do you think that once I have killed you, your men cannot be bought with some of this treasure?!” Kashim laughed evilly as he sliced through the air in front of Turk to show his intentions. “I will cut your balls from you and present them to the little witch before I claim her as my own and drive my own staff hard into her ‘til I break her back! Then I will sell her to the sultan, and she will be fit for serving him!”

     Swinging his blade in an arch, Kashim began the battle only to have Turk step surprisingly out of its path. Abdul and Abedin ran from the room, dropping the broken door on its side in their hurry to leave the violence that had exploded around them. Kashim ignored them and continued to confidently swing and drive the blade at Turk, thirsting to taste his victory over the giant and to have all of his wealth as his own.

     “You will never touch my Leigha!” Turk yelled as the sword glanced off his shoulder, leaving a trail of blood in its wake. “She and all you see are mine!”

     “We shall see how long you can hold on to even your life!” Kashim spun and struck air with his sword as Turk again ducked out of the way. “You have no chance of escape! Surrender now and I will kill you swiftly!”

     “You know that I will never surrender!”

     “Then prepare to meet your death!” Kashim screamed and lunged towards the evasive captain.

      Just as the deadly blade closed within inches of Turk’s chest, he whirled and fell to his side, letting the momentum of Kashim’s rush carry the man on past him into the angled wood of the broken door. There was a smashing noise then a sickening gurgling sound as Kashim fell over the door and, losing his balance, fell onto the edge of his own sword, imbedding it deeply into his throat. Turk stood over Kashim’s prone body and bent to remove the blade in his neck before lifting the dying man up into his arms. Ignoring the blood that poured forth as a river down on him, he carried Kashim up on deck, and there before his startled men and the horrified slavers, he threw the body over the railing to be eaten by the sharks as he had promised.


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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2 Responses to Fight to the Death!

  1. danniehill says:

    Great scene. Leigha must be some kind of woman! A fitting end to a slaver.

    • dagonsblood says:

      Thank you! She certainly is quite the mixture of innocence and strength with unparalleled beauty! Ah, the wicked slaver had to be slain and Leigha freed! He couldn’t have handled her anyhow. 😉

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