A Dream of Home

     “Oh Simon, it’s so beautiful here!” she exclaimed in sheer joy as he laughingly lifted her up in his strong arms. “You have chosen a paradise for us!”

     “Did I not tell you that I would?” he spoke as he spun her around, much to the amusement of the group of sailors. “And don’t forget, it is a place for our children as well.”

     “We will have the most wonderful home of all!” Leigha giggled. “I just know it!”

     “But first, we must build a house, don’t you think? We cannot live on the beach, you know, and Captain Tolwin plans to sail on shortly, so the ship is out of the question,” Simon said teasingly as he set her back down on her feet. Spreading his arm in a sweeping gesture, he asked, “Where do you want our home to be built?”

     Leigha walked around the clearing, studying prospective sites carefully. She finally found just the right spot nestled back in the tall grass with some stands of mature cypress trees that would give the house they would build plenty of shade from the strong sun. The sea breeze reached the selected spot, and Leigha knew that she would love the house to be here the moment she saw it. She pictured flower and vegetable gardens to the right of their imagined house and chose an area beyond that for the stable they would need for Silvering and Midnight until they could acquire other animals. She stood for a long time putting all of her imagined finishing touches in their place, confident that she had chosen well.

     Simon came up behind her and slipped his arms around her waist, drawing her body close against his muscular frame. Resting his head against hers, he stood silently for several moments enjoying the quiet peacefulness that surrounded them. His heart was full of love and overflowed as he held Leigha close and envisioned the first real home that he had ever had in his life, a home that he would share forever with his Leigha and the many children that they planned. He felt fortunate indeed to have been able to bargain with the owner of this land well enough to win the sale, using only a relatively small amount of the fortune of jewels he had with him. With proper work and planning, he would be able to support Leigha well for many years to come before sending for the rest of his fortune. Lost in his thoughts, he held Leigha very closely, his hands stroking her small rounded belly with love. Her stomach suddenly seemed to ripple beneath his touch, and he stepped back in surprise, his eyes wide as he looked questioningly into her lovely face.

     “‘Tis only the babe telling us that he likes it here as well.” Leigha laughed softly and took Simon’s face in her hands. “‘Tis only fair that he has a voice in this.”

     “But of course!” Simon laughed and bent to kiss her nose then again reached to hold the smooth rounding of her belly, hoping to feel the movement beneath his touch again. “I would have asked his opinion had I known that he is getting big enough within you to express it! When did the movement begin?”

    “Oh, there have been flutterings for a few weeks now,” Leigha answered, looking down at the small mound that evidenced growing life within her. Placing her hand upon Simon’s tenderly, she continued, “But it was not until just now that he has chosen to really make his presence known. That must be a good sign, don’t you think, Simon?”

     “Most assuredly, my love.” He smiled then tipped her face up so that their eyes met and locked, effusing the splendor of their deep love for each other. “We will all be very happy here, and I intend to give you and all of our children to follow a fine life. We will live peacefully and secure here for all of our days, for we have finally come to our own paradise, a haven from all that could possibly threaten us in this world.”

     With those words, Simon drew Leigha close against him and kissed her passionately, deeply, letting the tremendous love that he was feeling, flow freely and mingle with the sweet nectar upon her lips. Both were content, and their hearts filled to overflowing with thoughts of the wonderful future they felt lay ahead of them. Neither noticed the familiar ship sail past the small bay, where the Pepperwind lay at anchor and then go on around the coastline, thus out of sight by the time Simon and Leigha turned and walked arm in arm to rejoin the group of waiting sailors that had come ashore with them to help Simon begin the clearing of his land and to raise the house that would shelter his family in the clearing at the foot of the mountains.

Lee, Virginia (2011-01-20). Dagon’s Blood Kindle Edition.


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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  1. zencherry says:

    (Glowing with the awesome love scene and drinking a very cold drink)

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