Meet Leigha and the Men Who Love Her!

Journey with Leigha as “Dagon’s Blood” weaves through the rough seas of her heart. Get to know her and the men who love her.

Leigha is beautiful, spirited, and intelligent; a dynamic combination that sets men’s hearts afire! Lost in her innocence of the times, life awakens her to her inner strengths and she sets her heart free!

Simon Monteith, heart hardened warrior, trembles at Leigha’s touch upon his soul. He deserts the king’s army to find her. With his mind so set on vengeance, he is unaware until it’s too late, that his heart has other plans! He has an evil twin, Stephen, who lusts for wealth and wants him dead!

Robert Dagon, son of Scottish Laird Charles Dagon, lost his heart to Leigha when they were children. He “dreams” of her capture by pirates; and of his death. He discovers that alcohol will block his painful fears and becomes a prisoner to his need of it as he races against time to find her and set her free.

Turk, a pirate captain, partners with slave traders to capture Leigha, knowing that beauty such as her’s would bring them a great fortune from the sultan. Once he has her, he becomes so captivated himself by her spirited beauty that he will not sell her!

What is the mystery of Dagon’s Blood? Discover the hidden secret Lord Charles Dagon holds close to his heart that will affect the lives of them all!
Leigha must choose only one. Which man would you choose?

About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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1 Response to Meet Leigha and the Men Who Love Her!

  1. Simon for sure – love=hate…

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