“Outrage Awakens a Dangerous Beast!”

     “There will be more said!” she hissed at him as she jumped clear of the bed and his reaching arms. “You say that I am Lady Leigha Clairemont, Lady Clairemont of what? By your own admission, all of this now belongs to the king!” Her voice trembled in anger as she stalked away from the man. “Clairemont’s Keep is no more! At this very moment, your men are looting everything in sight! Is this what your king ordered you to do? Is it not enough that you have killed my father and imprisoned our men? Now you seek to take from me my virginity as well as the kind of life that I have always known! This is too much and I will be heard!”                                                     

     Leigha’s anger burned hot within her, replacing the apathy she had felt but a moment before, making her shake with her rage. She did not notice the black scowl that Simon Montieth had upon his face as he rose from the bed and slowly, deliberately, as some great cat stalking its prey, came towards her.

     “Clairemont’s Keep and all that are in it are mine now until the king says otherwise,” he growled ominously at her, “including you! You are right, you may one day be Lady Leigha Clairemont as you should have been had your father not been involved with the wrong men, but for now, you are little more than my slave, and you need a lesson in obedience!”

     He was close to her now, and Leigha finally realized the danger that her sharp tongue had brought to her. She began to back away from him in fear, trying to find some way to escape his wrath. Simon cornered her and raised his fist to strike, but at the last moment, the brilliant fear in her eyes made him drop his arm as Leigha put her hands over her face to protect herself. Instead of the expected blow, Simon pulled her hard against him, holding her so tightly for a moment that she could hardly breathe. Feelings stronger than her fear stirred deep within her as he loosened his hold and tenderly caressed the small of her back. Before she could understand the strange weakness that crept over her at his touch, Simon stiffened and then lifted her up into his arms. Carrying her over to the bed, he threw her down and stood over her with his hands on his narrow hips as he glared down at her in fury. His face was a dark mask that hid the turmoil of his thoughts as he fought against the pull of his heart. He had never allowed any woman access to his emotions and could not let Leigha make him vulnerable now. He steeled his heart against her innocence and tried to regain the distance he kept between himself and others. His anger was more at himself than it was towards her, yet he let her feel its full force.

     “You will obey me and not barb me with your tongue again or I may cut it out!” he growled at her. Not knowing if he meant his words, Leigha cowered down in the bed as he gestured at her with an extended finger and ordered, “Take those rags off! I will see what I have won this day!”

Will this feisty redhead stay cowered?


About dagonsblood

Virginia Lee enriches her writing with her experiences of the human spirit, sharing the same in her work of helping others. Enjoy the journey!
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2 Responses to “Outrage Awakens a Dangerous Beast!”

  1. Betty b says:

    Definitely! A must read 🙂

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